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Episode 22-Uncute Bracken & Hate Sex with Crepes: Beverly Hills Wedding

Our September theme is 'You Have Won Love'. and our first movie is Beverly Hills Wedding. It stars Brooke D'Orsay as Molly and Brendan Penny as Cory. Molly is an overzealous sibling who has taken over her little sister Sophia's nuptialsand Cory the best man (and Molly's ex) tries to reign her in, as they are all whisked away to a 'dream wedding' in Beverly Hills. In this episode we take a tour of bad boyfriends and Los Angeles. We discuss the merits of honeymooning with your brother and whether the newly engaged couple pushed their beds together before the proposal (gasp). There are plenty of twists, turns and bad renditions of the Weezer song. So join us in SoCal, we'll try to avoid the traffic on our way to a Beverly Hills Wedding. Episode drops September 7th.

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