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Episode 36-Waving Knives & A 4 Layer Cake of Feelings: Boyfriends of Christmas Past

'Tis the Holiday Season and we give you our most 'controversial' episode. We both have strong feelings about Boyfriends of Christmas Past starring Catherine Haena Kim as Lauren Kim and Raymond Ablack as Nate Sagar. Longtime friends Lauren and Nate spend (yet another) Christmas together. Nate is in love with Lauren but the feelings aren't mutual. Or are they? Lauren is visited by 4 former 'ghost' boyfriends who urge her to look closely at her true feelings. In this episode we discuss font dirty talk and who would visit us for life changing messages (hint none of our exes). We also gush over all the eye candy in this film and it's probably the only thing we agree on. Join us for this turbulent tale where knives are raised and lives are changed by The Boyfriends of Christmas Past. Episode drops December 14th.

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