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Episode 37-Strip Dreidel & Festive Dinosaurs: Double Holiday

Holidays are for friends and family so we have solicited the help of Hannah and Katie: hosts of One Kiss Means Forever podcast for this episode. We're recapping Double Holiday, which means we have twice the fun! This movie stars Carly Pope as Rebecca Hoffman and Kristoffer Polaha as Chris Coulter. Rebecca and Chris are vying for the same VP position and are rivals, until they must work together to plan the perfect company Christmas party. Great news for Chris who loves Christmas, bad news for Rebecca who’s Jewish and has little experience with the holiday. In this episode we realize that Hannah is the Jewish MacGyver and gives us all the Hanukkah secrets like using birthday candles in the menorah and the unsung holiday hero- jelly donuts. While Katie regales us with all things Christmas, including the potential names for her Christmas tree: either Spruce Willis or Brendan Fraser Fir. We also explain how the dewy glow of our heroine might be the oil heavy Hanukkah food and heavily push Passionflix subscriptions even though they are not a sponsor. So pull out your menorahs and christmas trees and join double the hosts for this Double Holiday. Episode drops December 21st.

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