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Episode 52-Nipple Belts & Piñata Trauma: The Dater's Handbook

This week we are Learning How to Love with royalty and Joe, host of the podcast Small Town Failing! Joe joins us to recap The Daters Handbook: starring Meghan Markle (The Duchess of Sussex) as Cass and Kristoffer Polaha as Robert. Cass, frustrated with her failing relationships, turns to The Daters Handbook for advice on how to find 'Mr. Right'. But Robert has his eye on Cass and is everything the Handbook says to avoid. In this episode we discuss how the hora is the lambada of the Jewish religion, the lies John Hughes movies tell us and grill Joe on what Ice Wine actually tastes like. The advice is bad but we will give you the Cliffs Notes to A Dater's Handbook. Episode drops April 19th.

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