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Episode 58-Kicked Off Tinder & The Introduction of Mgnaaw: Coyote Creek Christmas

We are back baby! This month our theme is Make the Yuletide Gay aka Gay in Julay, where every movie has a gay storyline (some more robust than others). This week we are covering Coyote Creek Christmas starring Janel Parrish as Paige, a hotel event planner, heading to her family lodge for Christmas. Where she meets Dylan, played by Ryan Paevey, who has been tasked to buy the lodge Paige loves so much. In this episode: we get a taste of Corinne's alluring cry that attracts handsome single dads everywhere, see how Tamara gets July more festive by making it rain kleenex from her bra, and become big advocates for emotional support waffles. There is so much more in this episode that made us 'howl' and we hope you do too when you join us for Coyote Creek Christmas. Episode drops July 5th.

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