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Episode 86-Holy Fishnet Stockings & Swiss Army Penises: Lars & The Real Girl

It's April and we are switching gears to a new theme-Free To Be You & Me, centering around movies where people fly their individuality flags high, and we are here for it. Our first movie is Lars & The Real Girl. It stars Ryan Gosling as Lars, a complicated young man who's having a tough time dealing with his sister in law's pregnancy. What does Lars do to cope? Why, he buys a Real Girl sex doll named Bianca and squires her around his small town. In this episode: we ponder whether you can buy a sex doll with sensible slacks or khaki pants, argue over what's a better couple name for Lars and Bianca - Blars or Laranca, and contemplate alternate plot lines like Lars and The Tree or Lars and The Bush. How many times can we say 'good time' in this episode? We say it alot and it's because Lars & the Real Girl has been one of our best episodes to date. Episode drops April 4th.

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