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Episode 98-Rainbow Smokey Eye & Population-Cow: Hope Floats

We are nearing the end of our Freedom Theme and this week we are covering an old favorite, Hope Floats. It stars Sandra Bullock as Birdie, a woman who is blindsided by her husband's affair. She moves back to her hometown and reunites with an old beau Justin, played by Harry Connick Jr. but things are too complicated for a new relationship, or are they? In this episode we contemplate if long forehead kisses count as 'fore-head play', wonder if bedazzled saddles as light fixtures should be a thing and accuse Oprah of trying to penetrate our minds with too many 'A-ha' moments. It's another unintentional crossover episode, which gets our temperatures rising along with this July heat. But our temperatures can keep the Hope up there company, cause we all know that Hope Floats. Episode drops July 25th.

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