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Bonus Episode-Our Full Interview With Katie Wilbert

We are releasing our full interview with Katie Wilbert as a bonus episode because we had such a great time talking with her. Katie is a multifaceted talent and the writer behind A Vineyard Christmas. We do a deep dive into the movie with her and discuss all the things 'Vineyard' including: why Reggie the sound guy got killed off, the sultry, satisfying fireplace scene, and if Rudy will be OK after a good deep cry. We also discuss things outside the movie, like: the undeniable draw of a sassy, grumpy person, if decorating your place with Taylor Swift paraphernalia is a good idea, and many of Katie's new projects that she's working on (a female driven stoner comedy, and a mockumentary show about witch sisters, to name a few). This interview was as entertaining as Katie Wilberts comedy shorts and we really enjoyed her movie and getting to know her. We hope you check out this bonus episode, which will drop on December 25th, Christmas Day. Happy Holidays everyone!

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