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The Hosts

Corinne and Tamara have been friends their entire life. They grew up on the same street two houses down from each other. Today, they are half a state away and love podcasting because recording is the long distance, adult version of coming outside to play...but with microphones. We hope you enjoy our program but if you don't, that's OK. We are not everyone's cup of tea but we are our own cup of tea. #weareourowncupoftea.

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Corinne Eding

The northern half of the duo. She is the graphic tee wearing, courageous, great idea having, sparkle and pop in this operation. She will not meet you for drinks but she will hold your hair if you get too drunk and need to hurl.

Tamara Cosio

The southern half of the duo. She is the salty, artistic, wine drinking, sockless wonder. She oozes goodness, light and something else, we're not entirely sure what but we're getting it tested.

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