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Episode 16: Christmas Socks & Optional Pants-Cross Country Christmas

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Our last episode for Christmas in July is Cross Country Christmas. Starring Rachel Leigh Cook as Lina and Greyston Holt as Max. Lina and Max are childhood acquaintances who have a chance meeting on a plane. They are racing home for Christmas but their plane is grounded due to bad weather. Hijinks ensue as they try every possible mode of transportation to get to their families in time for the holidays. In this episode we discuss the pitfalls of being an 80's purist, Bunk Bed Kama Sutra and the return of the 'Bread Douche'. We also do a 'Days till Christmas' countdown in the most ridiculous accents we can think of (apologies in advance). Will Lina and Max's passions be sparked or will all the travel hurdles freeze their chance at love? Grab your carry ons and fasten your seat belts to find out, as we take you on a Cross Country Christmas. Episode drops July 27th.

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