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Episode 101-Bonaffee Pie & Scones in The Cooch: Love Actually-er (Part 2)

This week we are bringing home the duology, Love Actually with the second part, which we are dubbing Love Actually-er. It stars all the same people with all the same story lines as last week. It is ALOT, hence the two-parter. In this episode: we create a new country, marrying France with Portugal = Francugal (where everyone speaks Frenchagese) to fill a hole in the plot, we wonder aloud if Mark is going to showcase an 'art' exhibit of Juliet wearing nothing but strategically placed santa hats and urge our audience to just say no, no, no, no,nononono to slow dancing with their bosses. We are elongating and extending the Christmas cheer this month and we hope you join us to find all the Love, Actually in this closing episode. Episode drops August 15th.

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