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Episode 102-2 Weeks Notice Hallmark Style: Christmas by Starlight

Christmas in August is the gift that keeps on giving. This week we are gifting you another Kimberley Sustad and Paul Campell hit: Christmas by Starlight or as we call it 2 Weeks Notice-Hallmark Style. Kimberley plays Annie, a lawyer who gets sucked into working for William, played by Paul, a real estate tycoon who agrees not to tear down her family's business, as long as she pretends to work for him. In this episode: Tam's workshopping all kinds of business ideas including-Shit Storm Snowglobes, Corinnes giving her own tree decorating advice (she is anti 'just the tip), we rename the movie's party theme from Christmas Magic to Fund-Rager TM due to the lack of refreshments, and talk 'seriously' about gingerbread conservation. We are shaking the snow globe that is this episode to see if we can find some Christmas Magic and hope you join us. Episode drops August 22.

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