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Episode 106-Channeling Our Inner Hair Bears: Working Girl

This week our Growing Pains theme is going strong with a throwback movie from the 80's, Working Girl. It stars Melanie Griffith as Tess, a secretary trying to break into the finance world but no one will take her seriously, until she meets Jack, played by Harrison Ford. She finally has the opportunity to forge a huge business deal but can she close it before time and the truth come out? In this episode: we discuss how big hair in a french braid was the 80's height of restrained sophistication, how the 80's was the first 'liberated decade' where you could open up a bank account without a penis to vouch for you, and speculate on how many cease and desist letters we can get from all of Corinne's boisterous renditions of 'Let the River Run.' This episode has everything-big shouldered power suits, a surprise pee story and a lot of feels for the Working Girl. Episode drops September 19th.

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