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Episode 108-Ninja Avon Lady & Sensitive S&M Man: Edward Scissorhands

For our new October theme we are embracing the spooky season and recapping movies that portray Supernatural & Paranormal Sweeties. Our first film is the dark but cute romance Edward Scissorhands. It stars Johnny Depp as Edward, the unfinished creation of an eccentric inventor. Edward is thrust into society where he meets Kim played by Winona Ryder and falls instantly in love. But, thiers is an unconventional love story, mainly because Edward has scissors for hands and Kim does not. In this episode: we discuss how Johnny Depp makes bondage gear work in unexpected ways, argue whether your name on a Starbucks cup should count as a valid form of ID, and wonder what Edward's other (ahem) appendages are made out of? We are taking you all on a tour of Tim Burton land (for better or worse) to introduce you to Edward Scissorhands. Episode drops October 3rd.

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