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Episode 112-Yeasty Boys & 'Oh That Louise!': Teen Witch

It's the last installment of our Supernatural & Paranormal Sweeties theme and we are going out with an 80's high hair, low budget, so bad (it's good) flick called Teen Witch! It stars Robyn Lively as Louise, an unpopular 16 year old that's about to acquire magical powers. The first items on Louise's magical agenda are: to win over the hunky, jock Brad played by Dan Gauthier and become the most popular girl. In this episode: we critique Louise's fashions choices, namely the ones where she looks like a babushka who's about to offer you soup, we speculate that every girl wanted to be a witch in the 90's, and Corinne wonders if 'she likes boys' and won't stop singing about it throughout the episode. These last couple of weeks have been a bit of magic to us and it would be hard to 'top that' but we'll try with Teen Witch. Episode drops October 31st.

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