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Episode 113-GingerBled & A Penis Named Frittata: The Christmas Cottage

It's our first episode in November: where it's too early for Christmas decorations but not for Christmas movies! Our first Holiday Movie is The Christmas Cottage. It takes us back to our Hallmark roots and stars Merritt Patterson as Lacey, an architectural designer(?) who returns to her hometown for her bestie's wedding, where she runs into an old flame Ean, played by Steve Lund and sparks fly, especially when they are forced to spend the night in The Christmas Cottage (how scandalous). In this episode: we dub Thanksgiving as Christmas Solstice and the month of November as Practice-Mas, debate furiously over whether or not it's a good idea to get married on Christmas Eve, and decide that if an inspirational message is done in needlepoint it must be the truth. This month is also like Corinne's second birthday because she loves Christmas so much but we both had a flocking good time at The Christmas Cottage and hope you join us. Episode drops November 7th.

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