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Episode 114-Blasphemous Turtlenecks & Botox Curing Peaches: Christmas With The Kranks

It's our second Christmas in November movie and we are covering the 'classic' Christmas With The Kranks. It stars Tim Allen as Luther Krank and Jamie Lee Curtis as Nora Krank, a couple who decide to skip Christmas and go on a cruise instead, much to the exasperation of their neighbors. This Christmas movie has a ton of product placement, and in this episode we promote a few products of our own including: Giant Honey Baked Spam Musubi, 24 hour Botox, Not Scary Farms (not to be confused with Knott's Scary Farm), Matching Bestie Turtlenecks TM and many more. This movie may cause us to have a Christmas intervention but we are confident we can quit Christmas movies anytime...just not for another month and a half. So we hope you join us for all of them including Christmas With The Kranks! Episode Drops November 14th.

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