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Episode 115-Whimsy & Bullsh*t: Inventing the Christmas Prince

It's our 3rd Christmas movie in November and we are going strong with our next choice: Inventing the Christmas Prince. It stars Tamera Mowry-Housley as Shelby, a single mother who's trying to give her daughter the most magical Christmas. Shelby recruits her reluctant boss Evan, played by Ronnie Rowe to pretend to be the Christmas Prince and help make all her daughters dreams come true. In this episode: Corinne reveals her little known crush to Tamara (hint he wears bitching eyeshadow), we theorize on what's a better workplace gift than a stocking full of staplers, and wonder aloud if CPS should be called on Shelby for some of her questionable parenting decisions. We are waist deep in some serious Prince Business and hope you join us for all the festive feels we got with Inventing the Christmas Prince. Episode drops November 21st.

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