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Episode 118-Boisterous Sexy Packing & A Fog Named Carl: 4 Christmases

We are heading over to Corinne's neck of the woods for our next movie: It's Four Christmases and takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area. It stars Reese Witherspoon as Kate, a successful, young, professional who is in a committed (but not super committed) relationship with Brad played by Vince Vaughn. A series of events grounds their vacation flight, forcing them to spend Christmas with their actual families and test the strength of their love and sanity.  In this episode: we marvel at how many people have Southern accents north of San Francisco, wonder what we would do for love and/or a good pressure cooker, and Corinne comes up with a banger original song called 'He's a Baby Man' (to the tune of Secret Agent Man) to describe Brad and all his questionable relationship etiquette. This movie made us laugh and cringe as we tagged along with the couple, for an entirely different kind of white Christmas. So join us as we cross the Golden Gate Bridge for Four Christmases. Episode drops December 12th. 

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