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Episode 119-Crafty Pants Pervert & Ol' Cement Hips: A Vineyard Christmas

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

On this episode we have a special guest Katie Wilbert, writer of A Vineyard Christmas which is the movie we are recapping this week. We are releasing a snippet of our interview with Katie and will release the full interview on Christmas Day, December 25th. A Vineyard Christmas stars Nikki McKenzie as Heather, a sommelier and host of the food show Between the Vines. She's tasked with interviewing Rudy, played by Victor Zinck Jr. who's the owner of Knobloch Family Vineyard and not very receptive to Heather or her show. There's some secrets in Rudy's past which may explain his icy demeanor that's almost as icy as his wine, but can Heather thaw him in time to save the show? In this episode we: give Katie tons of sequel ideas, even though no one asked us to, contemplate whether 'Family Friendly Vineyards' means that the proprietors offer child sized bottles of wine, and giggle like tweens over innuendos we make about yule logs and picking grapes. The temperature is falling this time of year but our spirits are up, especially as we travel to A Vineyard Christmas. Episode drops December 19th.

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