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Episode 120-Miffing My Melon & Gender Reveal Christmas Trees: Single All The Way

The last episode of the year is a holiday dangler, because it comes after Christmas but is still a spirited, good time. We are covering Single All The Way which stars Michael Urie as Peter, a content manager who found out right before Christmas that his boyfriend was married. He talks his friend Nick, played by Philemon Chambers into accompanying him home for the holidays and posing as his beau, but things don't go as planned and force Peter and Nick to evaluate their friendship and more. In this episode: Corinne works the word chivalry into a hymn, we talk about how petty you can be while flying first class, and admit that we are the celery and carrot of relationships (meaning we go good together but no one wants to see us fuc*ing). This is our first re-record EVER due to technical difficulties but we both agree that it was twice the fun, and the perfect end to our recording year. We want to remind our gentle listeners that we are taking the month of January off but we do hope you join us for the last episode of 2023, Single All The Way. Episode drops December 26th.

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