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Episode 121-Bestie Cone of Silence & bass-b = ass: I Love You, Man

We are back! Fresh from vacation and ready to jump into Friend-uary. That's the theme for this month's movies: rom-coms that are heavy in the friend department. Our first movie is I Love You, Man which stars Paul Rudd as Peter who's newly engaged to Zoey, played by Rashida Jones. Zoey has seven bridesmaids and Peter realizes he has no friends to fill his side of the wedding party and goes on a friend quest to find them. In this episode: we discuss strategically placed vomit, warn our 'gentle listeners' not to sit in the armchair with the lotion next to it, and explain how NOT to be a Tevin (aka a frosty haired chode). We are so thrilled to be putting out episodes and consider each of you a friend so we hope you join us for Friend-uary where we can honestly say "I Love You, Man.' Episode drops February 6th.

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