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Episode 122-A Moment of Evolved Glory & A Teenage Burrito: The Kissing Booth

We are on the second episode of our Friend-uary month and our next 'juicy' movie is the Kissing Booth. It stars Joey King as Elle who has (literally) grown up with her bestie Lee played by Joel Courtney. They share everything, including a list of Bestie Rules, one of which is 'family members are off limits' when it comes to love. This poses a problem when Elle falls for Lee's older brother Noah, played byJacob Elordi. In this episode: we solidify the fact that Corinne loves a bad boy but hates a baby man, Tam comes up with a few choice alternate titles for the movie such as-Temple of Tongue Fornication & A Mouthful of Spit Soup, and we decide that we will now live by the mantra 'No Pirouettes, No Pu**y.' So we hope you join us to see how that plays out and all the other potential mononucleosis nightmares at The Kissing Booth. Episode drops February 13th.

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