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Episode 123-A Bijiggity Take 2, Electric Boogaloo: The Sweetest Thing

Our next Friend-uary episode comes with an extra raunchy content warning, because we are covering The Sweetest Thing. It stars Cameron Diaz as Christina, a girl who doesn't want to settle down until she meets Peter, played by Thomas Jane, in a nightclub. Their brief encounter intrigues Christina so much that her friend Courtney, played by Christina Applegate, convinces her to semi-stalk him at a wedding that they're not invited to. In this episode we: wonder what logistics would be needed to accomplish cunnilingus while driving, realize the words 'boundaries' and 'consent' were largely unknown in the early aughts, and contemplate how long a 'food' that causes anal leakage could stay on the market. This movie is practically a time capsule so we hope you join us as we travel 20 years back to visit The Sweetest Thing. Episode drops February 20th.

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