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Episode 124-Mink Merkins & Holster Hip Habits: Sister Act

Updated: Feb 26

It's our final installment of Friend-uary and we have a Sister squared episode. First, Tam's big sis Denise makes a guest appearance to share all the sister antics they had growing up. Then, we cover the 90's classic Sister Act, which stars Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris, a lounge singer who's forced into witness protection at a strict Catholic church. At first its torture, but Deloris uses her musical chops and charm, to turn their struggling choir around. In this episode: we argue whether Tone Loc songs could be made into hymns, debate if this movie would be improved by Sandra Bullock also being undercover, and Corinne invents a new word, Holos-unintentional solos, that we will ultimately put on merch at some point. We have enjoyed the 'com' with a little less 'rom' in our chosen movies this month, but there's plenty of sisterly love in this episode. So we hope you join us for Sister Act. Episode drops February 27th. 

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