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Episode 131- Ken-like Nether Region & Ner the 3rd: Legally Blonde

This week we're covering the 'April Fools' movie Legally Blonde, AND we are waxing poetic about the late great podcast Let's Go To Court. Both showcase court cases but only Legally Blonde stars Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, a heartbroken college student who in an attempt to win her boyfriend back, applies to Harvard and gets accepted. In this episode we: debate on whether being named Chutney is motive enough to murder your parents, marvel at how Elle is the 'pinnacle of diversity' at Harvard, and discuss our signature styles which consist of beige wallflower camouflage, orange swim goggles and Beiber hair. We are heading to court in more ways than one this week and we hope you join us as we drink from our Owalla's, say 'podcast adjourned' to our beloved LGTC and find out what it's like to be Legally Blonde. Episode drops April 23rd. 

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