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Episode 134-Salsa Fresca Science Nerds & Call Me Cavey: Encino Man

This week's movie that 'May make you say WTF' takes us back to L.A. specifically to Encino CA. where we are covering the 90's hit Encino Man. It stars Sean Astin as Dave, an unlikely protagonist who digs up a frozen caveman, played by Brendan Frasier, with the help of his reluctant friend Stoney, played by Pauly Shore. In this episode we: marvel at how 2 of our most recent movies starred leading men that needed to be shaved and taught english, argue whether a caveman of the 90's would use peanut butter or sh*t as his preferred medium for cave paintings, and agree that Dave is as bland as a baloney sandwich with no mayo. We are still recovering from the aftershocks this movie gave us but we hope you join us for the earth shaking saga that is Encino Man. Episode drops May 14th. 

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