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Episode 135-Babes, Bets & Vroom Vroom: Redline

We're on the last episode of 'Movies that May make you say WTF' and Corinne picked a doozy. This week we are doing Redline, starring Nadia Bjorlin as Natasha, a car savvy mechanic by day and a singer by night. Until she meets Carlo, played by Nathan Phillips who accompanies her to the dangerous world of underground street racing. In this episode we: contemplate what the best snacks are to store in your cleavage, agree that nothing says 'I love you' like a kidnapping, and have a heated debate over the ratings; Corinne dubs this film a terrible, wonderful masterpiece while Tamara regards it as The Fast & Infuriating. This movie got our motors running for very different reasons but we gave it all we got and hope you join us as we caress the Redline. Episode drops May 21st. Also as a reminder we are taking some time off. This will be our last episode until July 30th. We will miss all of our gentle listeners in the meantime but bid you adieu with one dry kiss. 

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