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Episode 14-Smoking Magic Mistletoe & A Winky Winky

This is our 3rd week of Christmas in July and we are watching the Mistletoe Secret. It stars Kellie Pickler as Aria. A local girl who is trying to save her small town by nominating it for the Big Christmas Adventure Show. She's a huge fan but doesn't know that Tyler Hynes, who plays Alex, is actually the brains behind the show. He's visiting her fair hamlet as a ghostwriter. Even as they grow closer his identity must be kept a (shhhhh) secret. In this episode we discuss fake Santa beards and how they = stranger danger, effortlessly work the word dick into a song and caution how friends don't let friends steal their piece of holiday pie. We hope you join us for fake trees and real festivities as we spoil our appetites and the Mistletoe Secret. Episode drops July 20th.

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