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Episode 19-Ice Wine Slurpees & Biscuit Croissants: Paris, Wine & Romance

We are fully inebriated in our 3rd episode of our Augustation Libation. This week we are covering Paris, Wine and Romance: starring Jen Lilley as Isabella and Dan Jeannotte as Jacques. The title says it all: we are in Paris, there is a lot wine and some romance which we retell through a very risque lens. In addition to all the 'sexy talk' we go over the 'Parisian fashion' of this movie and how much it reminds us of Golden Girls attire (circa. late 80's), the merit of wearing American flag bikinis at wine competitions and how closely this movie resembles 50 Shades of Grey (it doesn't but we bring it up more than once). This episode is so hot we need to take our bras off and hope you do to (or your bra equivalent attire) as we get comfy and take a trip to find Paris, Wine and Romance. Episode drops August 16th.

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