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Episode 20-Aggressive Waterfalls & A Wee Bit of Whiskey: As Luck Would Have It

Our last episode of Augustation Libation is: As Luck Would Have It! This is our most Mc-Serious episode which is fitting since it's set in Ireland. This episode stars the lovely JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Lindsey Johnson and the Irish Eyes of Brennan O'Brien played by Allen Leech. Lindsey is an American real estate developer who's trying to purchase a historic castle in Kilabbey which is Brennan's hometown. He's not going to make it easy for her and neither is the town council (who bear a strong resemblance to a bunch of high school mean girls )! In this episode we cover alleged goat shenanigans, overuse our favorite Irish catchall phrase and discuss what we think about speed dating (a little bit yes and a little bit no). We also channel our inner Lucky Charms Leprechaun with a bunch of bad accents and hope you forgive us because As Luck Would Have It, we have the best listeners and that's also the name of this week's movie. Episode drops August 24th.

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