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Episode 21-Snap Fights & Punching Keanu Reeves: Always Be My Maybe

It's another 5th Tuesday and this month Corinne chose: Always Be My Maybe, starring the very hilarious and gorgeous duo Ali Wong (as Sasha) and Randall Park (as Marcus). Sasha and Marcus are childhood crushes & friends that lose touch after a nasty fight. They live very different lives until fate and Veronica (played by Michelle Buteau) bring them back together. And the sparks fly, in more ways than one. In this episode we discuss: fish sauce ice cream, threaten to get into a Gubi chair regifting battle, and make up new words like manag-isstant (which is a mash up of manager & assistant). We hope you join us on this sweet, sweet ride, from the back of a vintage 90's Toyota Corolla. We can pick you up on the way to 'Always Be My Maybe'. Episode drops August 31st.

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