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Episode 23-So Many Poles, So Little Time: My One & Only

This week is our second installment in You've Won Love and we've picked a doozy. We cover My One and Only which is almost like 2 movies in 1. It stars Pascale Hutton as Stephanie, a realist who is roped into a reality love show by her bestie. She travels across the country to a Wyoming ranch. Where she meets Alex, played by Sam Page, who's definitely not her on screen love interest. There is animosity between them (and us as we call Alex-Asshat for a large portion of the show) which turns into affection. In this episode: we ponder if berry picking is a euphemism for something sexier, how to be the worst tour guide in Wyoming (hint: be stingy with your poles) and threaten 'reality show love' on each other. We are excited to experience ranch life. And hope you stick around with us, as we cattleprod this budding romance, on My One and Only. Episode drops September 14th.

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