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Episode 24-A Tray of Colorful Penises: Love, Take Two

We are back for another installment of 'You've Won Love' with the movie Love Take Two. This perfectly Ok movie stars: Heather Hemmens as Lily, a reality show TV producer and Cornelius Smith Jr. as Scott, an antique shop owner. Lily and Scott have history but must keep their past under wraps, as Scott is engaged to someone else and Lily's reality show position depends on it. In this episode we get our first hug that should come with a PG rating. We argue why you shouldn't let people pick your food. Unless you're talking to Corinne, she has some strong opinions on coffee. And come up with a record amount of euphemisms for sexy things (that we are quite proud of). So we hope you join us for a lot of chuckles, where we chuckle about chuckling, as we watch Love Take Two. Episode drops September 21st.

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