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Episode 25-Hot Air Balloon Filled with Bodily Gases: Love For Real

Next we are doing Love for Real. It's the last episode in our You've Won Love series and a sneak peek into our Octo-Bear Chested month. This movie stars: Chloe Bridges, Taiana Tully, Scott Michael Foster and Corbin Bleu (who's shirtless for a bit). It's about two friends who go on a reality show to further their careers. Chaos ensues, especially when they find the potential for true love(?). In this episode we discuss: all the glorious pecs in Hallmark movies, the importance of punctuation, our penmanship neurosis and Corinne sings a very fashionable rendition of the star spangled banner. We are sad to say that we have not won love in September but are excited to reveal everything that's coming up in October. Episode drops September 28th.

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