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Episode 26-Waving Bras in the Air, Like We Don't Care: Yes, I Do.

Break out the chapstick, things are about to get moist. This is the first episode in our Octo-Bare Chested series and we are doing Yes, I Do. Starring Jen Lilley as Charlotte and Marcus Rosner (and his pectoral muscles) as James. Charlotte is a chocolatier that has left her fiance James at the altar..twice! They are having reservations about giving it a third try. Until James's ex Nicole enters the picture and throws a wrench in all the plans and feelings. In this episode we can't wait to see James's propeller or visit his big long hanger-because he's a helicopter mechanic. We give an award worthy performance of ODK theater and get a few hairs short of hostile in many parts of our retelling. Do we love this episode? Yes we do. And we hope you say Yes, I Do too after hearing it. Episode drops on Corinne's Birthday October 5th.

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