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Episode 29-Drunken Rapping & Sexy Hamburger Costumes: You Cast a Spell on Me aka A Kind of Magic

Our last Octo-Bare Chested episode is also our Halloween episode, full of magic and kisses as dry as a witches broom. We are covering A Kind of Magic aka You Cast a Spell on Me. It stars Nikki Deloach as Sara and Ryan McPartlin as Matt. Sara, a 'regular' girl, inadvertently steals the warlock Matt's powers when they kiss and mayhem ensues. In this episode we discuss what we would do with magical powers (hint: it involves Ryan Paevey and ice cream sandwiches). Corinne does some Jesus math and we promote our new, fake party planning business, complete with mediocre decorations and us running in sprinklers. We are stirring our potions and hope you join us for A Kind of Magic aka You Cast a Spell on Me. Episode drops October 26th.

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