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Episode 31- God Fist Bumps & Finger Guns: A Godwink Christmas

It's Christmas in November and we are 'gifting' you a Godwink Christmas. This movie stars 2 of our favorites: Paul Campbell as Gery, a small town inn keeper and Kimberley Sustad as Paula, an antiques appraiser. These two are smack dab in the path of a Godwink. Where the 'Powers that Be' keep guiding them into each other's lives. In this episode we speculate about 'The Almighty' donning a polyester tracksuit, how tree stumps don't grow on trees and experience our first erectile dysfunctional movie ending. We feel a little betrayed by the Godwink but we'll still wink back and add a couple of fist bumps and finger guns. We hope you join us for all the holy rolling we do. This episode drops November 9th.

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