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Episode 39-Strudel Voids & Schnitzel Innuendos: Winter in Vail

We are ringing in the New Year with Winter in Vail. And who better to spend those cold winter nights with than Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes! Lacey plays Chelsea, a city girl who moves to a small town to find herself. Where she meets Owen, played by Tyler, a handsome handy man who tries to show her how to slow down. In this episode we cry foul at the fact that Owen never takes his shirt off, marvel at the actual snow in the movie and Tamara tries to talk Corinne out of adopting her as a sugar mama. Even though all Corinne wants is the entirety of a Sanrio Hello Kitty Store. There are terrible innuendos made and missed clothing montages but we try to focus on all the warmth and goodness that we find during our Winter in Vail. Episode drops January 11th.

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