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Episode 41-The Bluckleberry Of It All: The 27 Hour Day

The last episode in January's-New Year New Me series is: The 27 Hour Day and this movie felt like it was 27 hours! It stars Autumn Reeser as Lauren, an efficiency guru trying to find a better work life balance. She goes to a relaxation retreat called Meadow Lawn, owned by Jack, played by Andrew W. Walker. He's looking to expand his resort empire and their worlds collide as they contend with their different views and growing attraction to each other. In this episode we portmanteau the word blueberry and huckleberry (bluckleberry!) and overuse it mercilessly. We also perfect the beauty queen version of finger flipping and introduce Godzilla pig to the world. We invite you to join us at the Meadow Lawn 'Shame' Retreat where you MUST WIN at relaxation!! We can show you how and it'll only take a 27 Hour Day. Episode drops January 25th.

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