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Episode 43-Claiming Kisses & Filling Bachelor Holes: Falling for You

Our 2nd Favorite Valentine episode is Falling for You. It may be our most contentious episode because we have several disagreements except for our love of Tyler Hynes (our Valentine)! He plays Zac Malone, a software engineer, sent to a small town to troubleshoot his budgeting software. There he meets Lacey Hathaway, played by Taylor Cole, a radio DJ that lost her funding because of his software. Lacey has an idea on how to raise money and she's going to need Zac's help to do it (hint: it involves baked goods with a potential side of sex). In this episode we discover the nepotism behind the flawless Hallmark cookies, explore our inner Disney princesses and get into a few hair pulling fights over the movie's work/life balance. A line from the movie is 'stressed spelled backwards is desserts' and we can't stress how much we loved covering Falling for You. Episode drops February 8th.

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