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Episode 44-Zipped Up Vajayjay with A Side of Husky Voice: The Lost Valentine

n this February episode we laugh and cry because our Valentine is the late, great, Betty White. She starred in a couple of Hallmark movies including The Lost Valentine: where she played Caroline Thomas, a widowed wife who pines for her lost husband, until she meets Susan Allison, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, a reporter who helps her find him. In this episode we describe the varying degrees of each other's bed heads, retell some scintillating scenes where Susan practically humps Caroline's grandson (but does it elegantly, like a lady) and Tamara ugly cries but Corinne can't pass her tissues cause she has Covid (seriously, but she's fine). We admire Carolines patience and fortitude in this movie but we have A LOT of questions. We know you do too, so we invite you to join us as we look for The Lost Valentine. Episode drops February 15th.

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