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Episode 45-Juicing the Baby Making Blanket: The Proposal

This week we are recapping our 2nd Betty White movie. We couldn't end the month of love on a sad note so we are doing The Proposal! It stars Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate, an intimidating book editor who is at risk of being deported unless she can convince her loyal assistant Andrew Paxton, played by Ryan Reynolds to marry her. And Betty White plays the lovable Gammy character. In this episode we discuss the enigma of 80's style, the 'helpful' diet products of the 50's and how there are not enough occasions in life to jump out of a cake topless. We also divulge why Corinne is now the proud owner of an ovulation thermometer, which will be helpful because there is a nude scene and it is HOT! This is a very Un-Hallmark movie but it's a good one so we propose you join us for The Proposal. Episode drops February 22nd.

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