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Episode 46-Are You My Daddy?: The Baker's Son

It's Mangia March and this month we are doing everything: Food. Our first episode is The Baker's Son starring Brant Daugherty as Matt Duvall, a very meh baker in a sleepy seaside town. The only good thing around is Matt's bestie Annie McBride played by Eloise Mumford. Both find love when a ballet company comes to town but they quickly realize that they are dancing around their feelings for each other. In this episode we describe the Instacart wars we wage on each other, our new Mangia March nicknames (Tamara is Yeasty and Corinne is Tangy and when we're together one may need antibiotics), and how Papa Jean the father in the movie should have gotten into pizza instead of baking. This movie could be A-Meh-Zing or Meh-diocre, find out with us as we visit The Baker's Son. Episode drops March 1st.

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