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Episode 47-Master bakers & A Town Called Spork: The Secret Ingredient

Still hungry for another Mangia March episode? Well you're in luck because we are absolutely consumed with The Secret Ingredient. It stars Erin Cahill as Kelly McIntyre, a small town baker who is slated to compete on a huge cooking show. But before her big break she keeps getting sidetracked by her Ex Andrew York played by Brendan Penny, who pops up everywhere and gets her emotional juices sloshing. In this episode we reveal the intriguing reason that Corinne feels cagey, contemplate why Brendan Penny constantly wears gloves and explore this movie's obsession with macaroons and hair ringlets (someone has a curling iron and they're not afraid to use it!) We hope you come along with us to figure out what the Shhhhh Secret Ingredient is. Episode drops March 8th.

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