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Episode 48-I Bleed BBQ Sauce & Joe Mama: Season for Love

We are deep into Mangia March and this week we have a smoking new episode. We are covering Season for Love. It stars Autumn Reeser as Tyler, a single mom trying to find a new path after her life in the big city fizzled out. She returns home where she runs into Corey, played by Marc Blucas, a successful BBQ entrepreneur who's trying to rekindle his passion for cooking. In this episode we invent a re-Flesh-ment table (could be good, could be bad, could be hot, we're not sure), talk about the uber sensitive kiss tractor beam TM that always gets shut off at inopportune moments and ponder the possibility of an erotic BBQ cookbook (sounds messy and we're not mad at it). This movie helps us realize that life is better with a side of BBQ, so jump on this sausage pony and ride with us as we savor a Season for Love. Episode drops March 15th.

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