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Episode 64-Lawn Recon & Pork Swords: Juno

The Au-Gusts keep coming this month and we are so excited to revisit a movie we first saw together in theaters. This week we are doing Juno which has a stellar cast including Elliot Page (as Ellen Page) as Juno and Michael Cera as Paulie Bleeker. Juno, a 16 year old, gets pregnant by her crush Paulie and has to navigate the choices she must make for herself and the baby. It may not sound like it but this movie is a hoot and we discuss: what it would look like if we only did movies about guys named Mark (would the Hallmark title still work?), how Richard Simmons and Tony Little should be friends and have their own fan-fiction, and how Corinne can read but for some reason can't say the word Leah. We are pregnant with feelings over this movie and hope you join us as we give birth to this episode, which drops August 23.

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