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Episode 65-Champagne Science Projects & The All Encompassing ORG: Two Tickets to Paradise

We are finally at the end of our Au-Gust of change month and we are going out with a bang. This week we are doing Two Tickets to Paradise starring Ashley Williams as Hannah Holt and Ryan Paevey as Josh Wyatt. Two strangers get left at the altar and jointly decide to go on their respective honeymoons, where they keep running into each other. In this episode we discuss the wonders of dandruff shampoo, how viable a career as a three legged race instructor would be and how ORG should stand for an ORGanism that ORGanizes ORGies with ORigami. This episode is so song heavy it might as well be a musical but we hope you join us for Two Tickets to Paradise...pack your bags 'cause we leave: Tuesday the 30th, when the episode drops.

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