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Episode 69-Soundtrack To The Poo-Splosion: 2 Weeks Notice

It is our last installment of September to Remember and we are covering one of our favorites: 2 Weeks Notice, starring Sandra Bullock as Lucy Kelson and Hugh Grant as George Wade. Lucy is an activist and attorney who tries to thwart George's real estate company from peppering the city with expensive high rise buildings. Instead, he offers her a job and they form a relationship neither of them expected. In this episode we discuss how George is an HR liability waiting to happen, ponder if Lucy had an eating disorder (seriously did she?), and give spectacular advice like putting your phone on vibrate and in your underpants for some added enjoyment to your day. We are broadcasting from the pee pee closet which stinks (a little) but this episode doesn't and we hope you agree. Episode drops September 27th.

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