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Episode 70-Congratulations You Have Won A Spoon: Practical Magic

This is the first installment in our Spooktacular month of October, we are doing all spooky (but not too spooky) movies. This week we are taking it back to the 90's with Practical Magic starring Sandra Bullock as Sally and Nicole Kidman as Gillian. Sally and Gillian are sisters who come from a family of witches. Unfortunately, they are also cursed, any man that falls in love with them is doomed to die, but two men enter Sally & Gillians lives and both will change everything. In this episode we discourage each other from dying because it would seriously interfere with the podcast, contemplate if bringing people back from the dead is a bad idea (Tam is for it, Corinne is against it), invent some words like: meth-urder and argue about who will be poking who in the face during our New York trip. We are giving it our all in this episode and have a spectacular time discussing Practical Magic. Episode drops October 4th.

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